Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Another botched boob job...saddd

Did you read the news today about how a lady in her twenties lost her boyfriend of 5 years and that she may also may have to lose both her breasts after a botched breast enlargement surgery? Isnt it pathetic that someone so young has to subject herself to such a surgery just so to please her boyfriend; and one she's been going out with for 5 years. And see what happens in the end, he left her cos her breasts were oozing pus. Moreover, the practitioner isnt even licensed. Harh.... i guess that's the end of it. No compensation, no boyfriend, nor boobs. Sad case. I know, you all want to read about it too mah. Nah.... botched boob job case here.

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Rose said...

She should be happy and proud of her own body, not to subject to such surgery just to please her bf. If the bf does not like or complain her body, then he does not really love her for who she is! Yeap, really sad for her.