Saturday, December 30, 2006

Do i look fat.... hah? hah? hah?

I walked past a counter promoting their weight-loss program at Parkson yesterday. I was pushing Malcolm stroller whilst hubby pushed Gordon's. There was this fat chubby plump overweight salesgirl handing out brochures on their slimming offers. She practically jumped out at me and gleefully handed me a brochure.

Insists that i go into their booth for a free consultation whereby they'll measure me from top to bottom. I looked at her, and with a smile asked her in her honest opinion, precisely which part of me that requires slimming as i'm practically fat-free from head to toe. Instead, as if deaf and in a desperate bid to close a sale, she kept harping on that it's free and the deal is good, promotion lasts three days only, yadda, yadda, yadda, at least can get rid of tummy flab, blah, blah, blah.

Of course, i just walked off. Gimme a break. First mistake, wrong target. I'm skinny and with the flattest tummy to match. Second mistake, looks like she's the one in need of a session. No, 10 sessions. Arrrhh, more like 20 by my standard. Harlow... slimming center owners. Go hire the right salespeople and equip them them with the knowledge and common sense on whom to approach and whom not to.

But then, if i'm shopping around for weight-loss programs, i'd run if the person manning the booth looks fat and in need of a few sessions herself. How do you expect people to signup for your slimming sessions when your staff does not portray the right image for your company?

2 Responses:

may said...

if you're fat, then I'm 2 elephants put together liao! LOL! those slimming salespeople simply give out flyers wan lah. I usually smile back at them and say, "no thanks, I don't need one"...

Samm said...

may, ya, a blind one