Sunday, December 31, 2006

"Gordon... you're going to school next week", says Mama

Gordon is not ready for school yet next year. It's becos, yours truly, hasnt even enrolled him in any school yet. So much for being the perfect mom, hoh. There goes the title "Mom of the Year". I wanted to send him to a school that has schoolbus sevice, but couldnt find a decent one yet. The one i intended to enroll him in is just opposite my mom's old house. I've booked him a place for afternoon session a month ago when i called the school up.

His 6yrs old cousin brother is still studying there; his third and final year at kindy. So, i thought it'll be great for Gordon to have someone he knows at the same place. I've gone to the school a couple of times but there's no one there. The teachers are not back from their long holidays yet. I guess i just have to wait till school reopened to see how things go. I dont know how Gordon will feel being away from me for a few hours a day during the first week or so. Will he cry? I dont know. Will he miss me? I also dont know. Will he insist on going home with him the moment we reach school? I've no idea. Will he this, will he that........ aikkks!!!!

5 Responses:

may said...

Gordon big boy liao, he'll do ok after a few days at school by himself. Happy New Year, Samm! may you and your family have wonderful times ahead in 2007!

King's wife said...

Sure he'll be ok one. No worries.

Happy New Year to you, Samm! Have a great 2007!

Cocka Doodle said...

Enrol him in Lin-Cocka-Wingz kindy lah. Geranti he'll learn lots! LOL

Here's wishing you and your family (SIL included) a Happy and successful New Year!

L B said...

Must be scary leaving your boy in the hands of others you hardly know! Must be scary for little boy being looked after by someone unfamiliar too. But, it's time for earth-moving changes. New Year, new stuff. Happy 2007!

Samm said...

may, Thx, i hope he can manage

king's wife, i know he will

cocka doodle, ditto

lb, gawd... my baby's going to school