Friday, December 08, 2006

If i attract a lot of men, am i considered magnetic?

For a moment, the title "Magnetic men of Ipoh pulling lots of attention" really caught my attention. I was thinking, "Eh, what's the attraction....? Attracting all the girls ah.... at 69 and 76?" Thought i'd get to read something like scissors, forks and knives, zapping across the air and stick to their bodies as he enters a room or what. But heck, no lehh.... cheh.

Now, bought a 5kg tortoise sommore and tried to get it to stick to his chest..... aikkkss!!! But, so sorry.... cannot wohhh. Have to soothe it for a good 20minutes only can get it to stick for 1second only. 1 freaking second???? Did it once 2 years back oh. Aiya, if liddat can make it to the Malaysia Book of Records ah. I also can lah.

Diu, i dont have to sing lullaby to my tortoise for 20 minutes lah. He can stick to me for as long as i want it to. Even when i'm standing upright sommore. No need to lean back wann. Dont believe??? Seee.....


I'm ATTRACTIVE lehhhhh!!!!!

I also have other supernatural abilities. All the men tend to stick to me whenever i go. Hubby's money also all stick to me. My kids also like to stick to me. Liddis, i'm MAGNETIC or not? Can anyone nominate me into our "Malaysia Book of Records" now?

3 Responses:

L B said...

ok, ok, I will nominate you but first need a test to see if I can stick to your chest as well as the tortoise too, ya? LOL..

may said...

harharhar! I read that in the newspaper too, so weird lah! I think you're doing a better job than him, for sure. where's that nomation form?

Anonymous said...

I nominate you, gambateh and i wonder how u stick the tortoise on your chest la.... not heavy and painful ar??