Thursday, December 07, 2006

Life's bliss

I love this time of the day. Especially when the house is quiet and everyone's still in bed. Riq woke up half an hour ago. Stuck his head up, looked at me and gave me the biggest smile. See, what a beautiful way to start the day. If only things can be like this everyday. Life will be bliss.

I nursed him in my arm as i continued typing. He looked at me all the time, smiling as he sucked away. Giving me an occasional coo. How sweet. I put him back once he's had enough. He's gone back to sleep by then. Kor-kor stirred, made a face, but didnt wake up.... phew. If not, he'll be at the pc in no time.

Well, they'll be awake in about 2 - 3 hrs from now. Time to get back into bed after my Milo.

4 Responses:

may said...

awwwww... I want a smiley greeting too, in the morning. too bad my reflection in the mirror usually stares back at me with only a puzzled look and one eye opened.

Sasha said...

i wish i can go bek to sleep after my nescafe...but no...Zzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

*sweet sweet*, Children's smile and laughter are always so powerful, they can melt our heart easily... :)

Samm said...

may, but that's the only LOOK u hv

sasha, have to get ur ass back to the offis, hoh

sinling, yup, i enjoy every moment of it.