Wednesday, January 03, 2007

YESSSS!! Gordon's going to school this Friday!!!!

YAY!!! I've finally registered Gordon for the new school term. He'll be going to the one where his cousins studied at. Going this Friday. One day to go.... just one more day and i'll have 3 whole hours sans Gordon to myself. Though this one doesnt have schoolbus service, it's near enough to walk him back if i must (like i will...).

The school fees aint that bad here. In all, i only paid Rm435.70; some are for an entire year, some for half a year. Dunno which is which lah, not bothered also. As long as Gordon gets to interact with children his own age, i'm happy. For me, i just want him to be happy. If a child isnt happy, he cant learn and will be reluctant to go to school.

Some kiasu friends of mine (when i say kiasu, i mean damn9blardy fucking kiasu, k. And these are the ones who never calls unless they have something to brag or 8) asked me last month where i'll be sending him. Those whose children are also going to school for the first time one lah. When i told them where, they all lansi-lanyeong and say "Why this kind of school? The one my Angeline will be going to not bad mah. I only paid Rm2k+. (of which, btw, is 5X more than what i just paid. And this only for enrollment; monthly fees will be around Rm300+/mth) You can afford what. He cannot learn much wan there. At least if you send Gordon to where Angeline is, he'll meet better friends."

Niamah... what "better friends". You mean to tell me that that daughter of yours who throws herself onto the floor screaming at the top her lungs, kicking her legs at the maid whenever she wants something everytime we bump into each other at the mall is better than the ones Gordon hasnt had a chance to meet yet? Hah? Excuse me? Aiya, want to say how much more you paid than i did, say so lah. Like i care *rolls eyes 2mX*

Diuuu, WTF!!!! I dunno whether this school's good or bad. Most of my nieces and nephews went to this school, and a few of them are now straight As students. Some are their school's top students also. So, what other things do other "good kindies" teach nowadays? The teachers at Gordon's kindy are all very dedicated, warm and approachable ladies. I've known them for more than 10 years. I dont know about other schools. But this is where Gordon will be this year, unless i move away from the neighbourhood.

5 Responses:

Peng said...

some ppl are like that? they don't brag they cannot pass the day. doesn't mean ex kindy the children would be good/clever....eeeeee your 'good friend'!

Helen said...

Rm435.70 not just for a month right?? **pengsan**

Your frens are worse.. blardy rich hor?

Glad you can now have more time to yourself. Well at least until Malcom learns to walk and

2crazydogs said...

3 hours is better than nothing. You going to tag along and watch Gordon make sure he's crying??! :-)

yenchiew said...

you got that right pooi yee~!!! those teachers are really fantastic people.. after all, i turn out alright also.. what the heck's with the term 'better friends' wor.. idiotic people..

Samm said...

peng - niasing, feel like bitch-slapping her cb face when she said the "better friends" part.

helen - no lah, u think i print money ah. kindy only lah, diu. might as well save it up for his higher edu fund. ya, sadly speaking, all my cb frens damn9rich, but mentality very poor wan.... dats y i NEVER go out with them except keep in touch via sms/dat rare once-in-a-blue-moon knn phone call.

2crazydogs - the tag along part have to lah, on the 1st day. but he seems okay at the school when i took him there ystday. There got sweet-sweet mah.

yenchiew - yes woh, my straight A niece. and yalh, where got "better friends" wan, nmflknnccb.