Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bad news, good news, bad news, good news... what news?

First, i have bad news. And of cos, i do have good news also. I've been thinking about it for a whole week. Hence the lack of update. So, which one first? Good or bad....... Ok, ok, ok lah.

Bad news first. This blog has been approved for paid posts. I submitted this together with the rest of my other blogs for a different company and guess what. They rejected the rest and approved only THIS!!! I guess the reason is apparent. This is a virgin blog, pure and untainted.

Now the good news. I'm not doing paid posts for this blog (yet). Dont see the need to cos i have other 4 monetized blogs to crap at. Enough to keep me very busy. So, that's to spare you all the agony for the time being. Actually, i have a rant stashed inside my drafts folder. Wait till i finish later, then you all go read, k.

5 Responses:

L B said...

Good decision!! Honestly? Can I speak my mind? Don't care.. I know how wonderful it must be to rake in all that money from Paid Posts, etc, but I lose interest in that Blog.. Sorry. I still come back for you, because luckily you still throw in a few personal posts.. like Food Porn!!

may said...

that's good news! since it'll earn you money at the end of the day. the bad news? I just won't comment on the paid posts, lol. sorry, like lb, I'm not one for those, but I'll be around for the more personal ones... ;)

King's wife said...

don't talk money first, take a break and go do my tag! :D

shoppingmum said...

Me money face. What's the company? :P
Well, at least you still have personal blog!

Sue said...

Yeah, paid posts make the blog look so cluttered. But I think if there's content and not bla-ing rubbish to fill in between the paid posts it shd be ok??