Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yay.... freedom tomorrow!!

Gordon's going back to school tomorrow. He was home all day long since Friday before last. Chinese schools all start tomorrow. So, i get back my noon nap/gai-gai/errand hours from 12pm - 4pm. Today, hoh.. back from lunch, Gordon was naughty and broke all his Grandpa's ciggies. Hubby came home and saw the mess he made in the living hall and reprimanded him.

As usual, i had to go clean up the mess, knn. Mopped the floor too. Then i went to take my bath. Came out only to find him doing the same thing to hubby's cigarettes, but half gone; saved by me. Not the first time, k. I've always asked them to keep it out of his reach, but apparently, everyone forgot today. So, hubby caned his butt, poor thing. Dont worry lah, no harm done. Light caning only. But that fler, see cane already scream lah. So, whose fault.

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