Saturday, July 07, 2007

777 blues

Here i am, seated here in my chair, waiting for my hubby to finish his bath. I'm about to attend one of the boringest dinners of my life. Yeah.... my cousin sister's wedding, blek. One of whom i never speak a word with despite the fact i go to her house nearly every other year for CNY. One simple reason, my grandma has two sons, so, we congregate at one of her son's place every CNY on Chor2.

With reasons known only to himself, this uncle of mine never liked me since i was a kid. So, god only knows why he invited us to his precious daughter;s dinner. Most likely to give face to my mom. So, same reason lah. I attend cos i give face to my mom. So, you can imagine me having dinner at some knn loud chinese restaurants for 2 whole hours!!!! That must surely be another great way to test my endurance.

2 Responses:

2crazydogs said...

doesn't it sucks to have to pei meen all the time??

Samm said...

dem9sien lahh going to such dinners............ blekkkkkkkk