Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Will i make it in time?

My bedroom is so full of Disney characters now. Gordon loves them so much that i have Mickey Mouse all over the place. I dont need another Orlando vacation rental to see so many Disney characters, lol. I have them on the bed, cabinet doors and even bathroom. Most of his clothing, bags and shoes also have his favorite cartoon.

In fact, i will be knitting him a tee with Mickey Mouse at the front for his 4th birthday. I'm still working on Winnie for Malcolm's 1st birthday, which is on the 6th; YIKES!!!! 3 dyas to go!!!! I've been out every single day these few days. We've been out shoplot-hunting. Gonna move to a new office soon. The process is really tiring and time-consuming. Wish me luck on Malcolm's tee, lol.... *fingers crossed*

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5xmom.com said...

Sienz wanna die no opp so come spying what you doing ah.