Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sharp or LG????

I'm so darned happy that the stupid air-cond is conking out. Its constant rattling noise has been driving me nuts for years. Apart from that, nothing is wrong with it. So, i had no reason to get it changed, lol.

I wanted a Sharp with those dunno what plasma cluster ions thingy and hubby wants an LG cos their designs are better. So, what now? Sharp or LG? But if he's the one who's gonna pay for it, who cares lah what brand it is. As long as i can turn the damn thing on 24/7, i'm happy !!!!

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Joyce said...

Don't buy LG, very noisy.. i'm not sure about the nice design one, but i've once slept in this room with an LG air con installed, whole night couldn't sleep!!

Try toshiba, am now using it, silent and quiet!! nice..