Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hotels for me, please!!!!

Lydia's been living in India for the past four years. We only ever get to see her like once in a year. That's if she has the time to come back for a visit. At least she makes it a point to have lunch with us whenever she's back. Unfortunately for her, her busy schedule doesnt agree much with her husband and they are now having marital problems. Last i heard, they are drawing up the divorce papers, what a pity. I had a chat with her over MSN last week and she says that she'll be back again. But then, she wont be signing those papers until all alimony claims are agreed upon.

Anyway, she just bought a new house in new Delhi and asked us over for a visit if we have the time. I told her my kids would tear her house apart if we ever stay there. But, i still prefer to stay in hotels. It's way easier to have someone cleaning up the mess. Lydia told me if we ever go pay her a visit, we can book Indian hotels at nasra.com. It has a wide selection of hotels and we can book our rooms easily. Most of her friends book their Indian hotels there and they highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a trip to India. So, do bookmark this useful website for your future reference, ya.

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