Monday, July 02, 2007

Vision point of sale equipment

My cousin is complaining that the POS equipment he took over from his dad keeps breaking down and he finds it a hassle getting the people to come in for repairs. He cant run his business properly when they are over. And they break down again two to three months later. He is considering replacing them with refurbished point of sale products as he cannot afford to buy new ones. They are so expensive!!!!

I truly agree with him that new systems do cost a lot. Moreover, his business is still new and it would be a burden to fork out so much. These days, used pos equipment are just as good as new ones. Visionpos has lots of them and he should get them to install them at his shop. They are reputable and provides aftersales service too. This will allow him time to manage his business and not having to think of fixing his old one.

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