Monday, July 02, 2007

Is the hot weather bugging you?

My sister just renovated her house last month. She added an extension to the side of the house and even had new plants in her garden. With her new teak outdoor furniture, they can now enjoy tea time out in the open air. After a while, her kids keep complaining that it's very warm sitting outside and prefers to dine inside instead, lol. You see, she did everything right except install a ceiling fan to the extended area.

Though it may be covered, our weather is very warm. And having modern ceiling fans will cool down the environment and provide better ventilation. Her side porch is big enough to have two ceiling fans installed. I remembered seeing some Casablanca ceiling fans at, that has lighting right beneath it. Apart from providing good ventilation, it lights up the area too. I'll certainly have one of those when mine conks out.

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