Saturday, July 21, 2007

Find a fitness partner at

My cousin brother used to call me up and ask me to go jogging with him at the park every evening. He should know that i cant go with him but then he still keep pestering me. He always say that he can get to meet some pretty girls there and he's shy to make the first move. He wants me to help him out, lol... what the heck.

Who else meets girls this way nowadays. I guess he must be the last one on earth to do so. But then, according to him, he only wants to meet and get to know girls that are into fitness. Cos, that's what he likes to do. Run and jog every evening. I told him about fitness dating and that he can get to know more friends that shares his passion for fitness that way.

Just create a profile at, a fitness personals website, upload some data to it and he can start amking friend straightaway. No need to drag me to the park. All can be done at the comfort of his home. Or he can look cool at the park and take his notebook there when he goes for his run, lol. I know most girls like geeky guys :)

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