Saturday, July 21, 2007

Should i take up psychology or IT?

Now that Malcolm's turned one, i have some free time on hand to do more things that i hardly had time for previously. Only moms with small babies will understand how difficult those first twelve months can be. I dont even have time to go to the toilet nor have a decent meal most of the time. Dont mention things like reading a book, or watching a show to the end on tv. As for luxuries like facials and spa sessions, i only have my long bath to look forward to when hubby comes back and help me keep an eye on him.

He just told me that if i want to do something more productive with my time. I should perhaps consider doing some e-learning. Well, they have plenty of course for me to take up. Hubby suggested i improve my IT knowledge since i'm online most of the time. Oh well, i'll consider that. But i prefer a course in psychology. I havent made up my mind yet. But he says to hurry if i want to be in time for their Summer 2007 enrollment.

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