Sunday, July 15, 2007

Looking for my dream car

I've been bugging hubby to get me a car as i'm sick of being home all day long. You see, i sold my car when i came back here to live way back about 7 years back. So, you can see how long i've been stuck home. Oh yes, he does drive me wherever i want to go and there's a spare car too. But nothing beats having my own car, a car that no one can drive and smoke in, that's it.

Even if they claim that they open the car windows, i hate seeing those small flecks of ashes from the cigarettes everywhere. I always go mad if i see them on the dashboard or on the carseat. I have a few choice. The Fourfour Smartcar, the Mercedes A170 or the Volkswagon Beetle. Knowing him, he asked me to go through those car magazines he buys every weekend.

I hate flipping through those pages. I can never seem to remember which car i've shortlisted and i always have problem finding the right listing. So, till now, i havent really found the car that i want, and hubby's happy. Happy that i wont be able to spend my afternoons at the yarn shop or having tea at a fancy restaurant, lol.

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