Saturday, July 14, 2007

Short break

I'm going to stay away from my lcd monitor for a short moment. I have housework to do. Chores like laundry and mopping the floor for example. MIL is cooking at the kitchen right now. So, i cant clean it. I told her we really do need to get domestic help back. I prefer someone who can do the ironing too as i really dont have time even for that.

Ya, i dont have time for housework wann. For other things, yes. Just dont ask me what. So much to do, how to list them down one by one. It's been raining these few days and i have to re-wash many things that didnt get to dry on the lines. I gotta ciao. If not, the sun will be gone by the time the washing is done again.

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Jerry said...

Hope you can find some help soon. I'm helpless at ironing, so no help from me either. :P