Saturday, July 14, 2007

Been to Bermuda?

I told hubby that i need a vacation badly and he asked me where i'd like to go to. Me, as long as there's a beach for the kids to run and build sand-castles, i really dont care where he takes me to. Moreover, it's Summer and the weather is great. I just want to get away from this room for once. kepp my mind off the pc for at least a week. I think that'll do me lots of good.

Hubby suggested that we go to Bermuda this time. He says that he has a friend there and we can all go visit him. If that's the case, i gotta check out what Bermuda has to offer at I need to know what kind of attractions Bermuda has to offer me and the kids, of cos. And also accommodations too. I dont want to be holed up in a room for a week.

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