Friday, July 13, 2007

Shall i start cooking, lol

For some unknown reasons, i bought a recipe magazine at Popular the other day. I have absolutely no idea why i did that as cooking has never been part of my passion nor skills. Maybe it's the color of the magazine that caught my eyes. It's in a nice PINK though, lol. Or maybe i was fooled by the word "healthy" on the cover, i really dont know.

It's not an expensive magazine, only costs Rm8. Now, if only i can cook from one of those 80+ recipes listed there, i'd say my money is well spent buying it. Geee.... i wonder if i can really dish up something from it. Do you think it's time i explore this lil area called the kitchen??? If that's the case, let me start by shopping for a cabinet to house all those i'll be eventually buying for this new adventure. Yeah.... hubby's gonna freak out!!!!

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Jerry said...

He may freak. But he will be happy when he gets to eat some. Right?