Monday, July 23, 2007

Retirement communities

My mom's friend just married off her youngest daughter. Both she and her husbnad now wants to sell off their huge mansion and move to a smaller house. They are checking out those retirement communities where quality of life is better compared to the hustle and bustle of city life. They've had enough of living in the city and prefer somewhere quiet.

I asked her one day when she dropped by my mom's place as to why they want to move so far away? She says after bringing up 5 kids, all both she and her husband want now is to lead a peaceful life. They may be living far away from the city, but with the internet and all, they are always connected with their children. Moreover, they get to enjoy nature more that way and it's good for their health.

They want to find a house with a nice garden as they can plant their own vegetables. Moreover, cost of living is also lower in smaller towns, and everywhere is so nearby. Unlike cities, where she has to drive 50 miles just to get her groceries. To me, it's a good idea. I wouldnt want to be living in such a huge place. I prefer a small house too myself and do some organic gardening.

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55-Retire said...

I think you are right that a retirement community, especially those new active adult communities, can be like a small town. They have their own social network in place and all the facilities too.

But a real small town has advantages too:
Here are some more things smaller town communities can offer:

- reduce living costs

- become part of a community

- better qualify of life

- less traffic

- slower pace

- enjoy nature more