Monday, July 23, 2007

I'll buy my own gold bullion coins

After all that i've said about my MIL, i guess she wont be giving me any of her heirlooms next time, lol. Aiya, who cares about those gold bullion coins and jewelry lah. I think only her daughters will be eyeing them like hawks. I bet the first thing they'll do when she kicks the bucket will be to start grabbing those stuffs like there's no tomorrow.... those vultures.

Me, i'll buy my own. Bullions? I'll go get them from Monex, a well established precious metal investment company. Many of my friends buy from them. I will to to diversify my investment. Apart from that, i'll also invest in some stocks and bonds. And of cos, hubby will no doubt dabble in properties. It's best to start investing when we're still young and able so that we'll be

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