Monday, July 23, 2007

You say sick or not

On another note, i also want to tell you this. It rained all day long today, even as i'm typing this. Just not as hard as in the afternoon or evening. More like a fine drizzle now. It's another cold and damp day, and all my wet and clean clothes are still inside the basket, waiting.....

MIL came into my room and asked hubby to go out and get his dad's car's gas tank refilled. IT WAS RAINING CATS AND DOGS THEN!!!! Hubby was napping and she came in a few times to bug him. Kept telling him to go get it done lest she forgets. He gave her a piece of his mind. She got pissed and went by herself; IN THE RAIN.

See... she does this just to make people feel bad. It's raining so heavily and she drove all the way to the petrol station. If anything happens, who's to be blamed. We sure kena one, aitelyu.

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Simple American said...

Wah! Actually sounds like my missus. kekeke