Thursday, August 09, 2007

Checking out retirement communities

Instead of taking a nap this afternoon, i went to the bank to collect my new platinum card. The bank officer took the opportunity to talk to me about FD, both local and foreign. I'm more interested in foreign FD as the interest is double that of our local interest. As high as 7.7% per annum. But then, i need to open two separate account with the bank in order to carry out this out. That will have to wait till my next trip there.

I saw some brochures on his table and asked what new development are they financing. He told me those are retirement communities. Something new to me. He explained that many people invest in these properties as they prefers to live in smaller towns in their retirement age. No more city living, no more traffic jams, less pollution, less smog, less stress, lower cost of living, simply serene living and lifestyle. Sounds good to me. But not now, wait till the kids are married.....

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