Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Do you know you can sell structured insurance settlement?

Shireen called up for chat a short while ago. I told her i have to put my kids to bed first before i can talk with her and said i'll call her back shortly. Later, i got to know that her daughter just got accepted to a prestigious college and she didnt expect the term fees to be so high. As they have opted for boarding too, she needs some cash and asked if i can help or not.

Our conversation led to the topic of structured insurance settlement and that also reminded me that Harry had that too. He sold them when he needed some cash to tide him over. He obtained a quote from SSQ and they handled everything for him well. I asked Shireen to consult with them. SSQ offers several payment plans including full payment, partial payment, and deferred payment, which will enable her to keep part of her fixed income. I'm sure SSQ will be able to help her out.

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