Thursday, August 16, 2007

Give your house a makeover this Summer

Hubby's aunt dropped by the other day and invited us over to her house-warming party this weekend. Hubby's still out-station. Havent got a clue when he'll be home. I certainly wont want to go to her house alone with both my kids. Even if both my in-laws will be going too, i think i'll just spend most of the time chasing after my kids. Dont you think this is boring. Cant have him breaking things around a new house, eh. Not nice, right. I wont know till hubby comes back. I may or may not go.

When my in-laws got word of the house-warming party, my MIL told me she wanted to give our house a makeover too. She wants to change her bedroom furniture and asked me to help her out with it. How difficult can it be, right. There are plenty of elegant pieces at Not only do they sell bedroom furniture, they even have Home Office Furniture for my FIL. I like those Sectionals that they have at the site. I think our living room will look nice with a set of those sofa sectional. I'll just print some out for my MIL and let her decide what she wants.

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