Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I gotta replace our broken bar stool

When hubby got back last night, i asked him where he went. No, i think i should say he came back this morning. YES!!! 4am. He was at a friend's party and didnt take me along *sulks*. I was home all the time with the kids. It's been a long time since i went to a friend's party. Oh, nevermind. My birthday is just round the corner, i can always throw a party and invite mine over for a change. If one party is not enough, Gordon's birthday is towards the end of the month. 2 weeks after mine. I'll have another one just for him, how about that, LOLZ!!!

Talking of parties, if i were to throw one, i dont think there's enough furniture for my guests to sit also. Anyway, my MIL have always complained the broken bar stool chair and yet, nobody seems to get it replaced for her. I think i'll just get her one. Gary sent me a link to an online furniture store the other day and i like what i see there also. There are plenty of bedroom furniture which makes me wants to replace mine.

Hubby says furniture home office designs must be modern-looking. Not those classical types. He prefers glass top tables this time. Okay, whatever. I even found a bar stool there that's about the same one that MIL likes. I can get that for her if she wants. Or i might as well replace all the existing 4. There are lots of items on 30% discount right now. They also offer free delivery too. Gee, i'd better hurry over and get mine before someone else buys it.

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