Tuesday, August 07, 2007

MIL likes my digital picture frame!!!!

It's not everyday that i receive a call from my MIL. So, when i saw her number appearing on my mobile phone, i really did hesitate for a while before answering it, lol. She asked what time will i be back home. Funny too, cos she has never bothered about my whereabouts before.

When i probed further why she wanted me home so urgently, she told me her sister was over for a visit and she wanted to show her the digital picture frame but my bedroom door's locked. Ah hah!! Since when was she interested in my stuffs, lol. Well it's actually a normal looking photo frame.But apart from displaying photos digitally, it can also play back short movie clips and also MP3 songs.

And the latest batch of photos are of both my kids and she has seen those before. I guess MIL wanted to show them to her sis how technologically inclined i am, lol. I'm a gadget freak and likes to buy all these kinda stuffs back. Makes a great conversation piece too. Have you got one? No? Then what are you waiting for?

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