Sunday, August 19, 2007

I need more storage

Do you know how messy my room is now? Sigh.... when i was single, i had a neat and tidy room. With one kid, it's still bearable. Now that i have two, things are getting a bit out of hand. I figured i spend a lot of time picking up after my kids. So many toys everywhere and i dont have enough storage for them. I always grumble everytime i pick them up. They are everywhere; under the kitchen stools, under the living room coffee table, on the staircase, etc. I know, i know, i can always pick them up once they are sleeping, right. WRONG!!!

Some of those toys are rather small and i've tripped over them many times before. I've tried asking Gordon to keep his toys but sadly, that kid is oblivious to everything that i say. Arent i speaking in English to him???? Or does he want me to speak in Tamil, lol. Once in a while, i have to go out to the living hall just to make sure that there arent any toys lying around that may trip over the two old folks. You wouldnt want that to happen too, would ya?

So, the other day, i asked hubby to hire a maid to help out around the house as i'm really sick of picking up things from day till night. You know what he says. He says all i need is more space. He says he'll buy me one of those bed with storage underneath as i can just keep them out of sight out of mind, lol. He really thinks having a storage bed will help things out? How much under bed storage space is enough for me? My room is really small, i think it can only fit a queen storage bed. I'll have him buy me the bed first. I'll still bug him to hire a maid to do the housework later on, lol.

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