Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm moving to an apartment with my kids

I think i've had it with my in-laws. If you've been following my other blog on my daily life, you would have read about my baby finding a pill on the floor and nearly swallowing it. I'm really really pissed at what happened. This is the kind of accidents that can be avoided. And let me tell you this. This is NOT THE FRIST TIME my kids have picked medications from the floor. And when i tell them what happened, they gave me the kind of look that says, "What's the big deal". You say i pissed or not.

To them, they cant tell if those are sweets or medication. Can you imagine what will happen to my kid if he swallows it? Really, i dare not think. It's sickening. I told hubby if this happens again, i'm moving to an apartment with my kids. He told me that moving to an apartment is a lot of work. I said no cos i can easily find one at Dont tell me that i cant find one there. They have over 6 million apartment units up for rent. They are complete with floor plans and property photos. I really dont need to leave this house to find one nowadays.

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