Monday, August 27, 2007

Debby stayed at Kihei Coconut Grove Hale

I had a nice surprise yesterday evening. Debby dropped by with her baby for a chat. She just got back from a vacation with her family members. I though she went there with her husband and kids only, but she told me her in-laws and parents were there too. Wow, what a crowd. There must be more than 8 person at least, lol. She even brought some souvenirs over for my kids and i. How thoughtful of her.

She knew i'm planning to go there towards the end of this year and brought some Maui vacation homes brochures for me to go through. She stayed at the Kihei Coconut Grove Hale for 8 guests max. I wont be staying there definitely as i only need a 2 bedroom rental, lol. I'm only going there with hubby and my two young children. I dont think they'll like sleeping in the next room too and will most likely bunk in with us.. Anyway, she asked me to check out the Hawaiian Local Travel Blog for more information on those vacation rentals. I'll be able to find plenty of 2 bedroom rentals for me to stay at.

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