Sunday, August 26, 2007

Online tutoring at TutorVista

Nancy just called up and told me about her dilemma. She just got a new job in a different part of the city and wont be able to fetch her daughter to the tuition center anymore. She's worried that if her daughter does not attend tuition classes, she may not be able to catch up with her studies. Her husband also cant help her out as he works outstation and only comes home during the weekends.

She's pretty lost as to how to go about her daughter's studies. I have a friend who was in the same situation as Nancy before. I told her how she solved it. She signed her son up for Math tutoring at TutorVista, a leading online tutoring company in the world. I told Nancy that TutorVista offers an incredible unlimited monthly tutoring package for only $99.99 a month for all subjects. I encourage to give it a try and sign her daughter up as soon as possible so that her studies wont get interrupted.

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