Tuesday, August 28, 2007


This is the pic i took of Kopitiam when i got down from the car just now. Hubby's carrying Malcolm and is way ahead of me. And the stupid Kia in the pic kept reversing and turning and reversing and turning until i see also tu9lan. Stupid fler cant even reverse and drive away properly. Niamah, think driving a lorry meh. The road is wide enuf. Made me feel as though i was blocking his way or wat, cis. Anyway, i just took my pic and hurried away lest he knocks intp me. You wont know what those bargers are thinking of these days, huh.

3 Responses:

Wendy said...

where this kopitiam wor? havent seen b4 geh...looks nice and big.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

muahahahaha...i cant help laughing lah reading about the lorry part :D my sisters also almost fell off the chair laughing so hard. this kopitiam is in greentown?

Samm said...

wendy - on the groundfloor jek. The 1st floor boutique leh

mommy to chumsy - Shatin park lah, near my house. Aoyo, dat stupig driver, knn like hell. U see also ngan foh pau that type.