Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I forgot how to use make-up

Ever since i had kids, most of my time is spent at home with them. I seldom go out with my friends anymore. And when i do go out, it's always with my hubby and kids only. So, i got lazy and also seldom wear makeup. I found lots and lots of old makeup when i cleared my drawer just now. Reminds me so much of my carefree days when the kids werent around yet.

I realised that since i've not put up any makeup for such a long time, i've really lost touch with them. I cant even apply a foundation without messing up my clothes, lol. As for the eye liner, wanna see racoon eyes, lol. I told hubby i want to enrol myself into a cosmetology school like Regency Beauty Institute. Once i graduate for it, i may become a sought-after makeup artist. But even if i dont work, i can still look pretty all day long.

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Simple American said...

It is okay. You dun need make up. :)