Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I need a car desperately

Hubby will be traveling extensively these couple of months and told me to send our kid to school using my father-in-law's car. I dont own a car now cos i sold it off when i came back to stay with my in-laws. I dont mind driving that car, but Gordon doesnt like sitting in it. It's a chore just to get him to go into the car and also a major headache getting him to sit still inside cos it doesnt have a car seat installed.

What to do? I dont think i have much choice now but to check out some Used Cars. Hubby has a few friends who are in the Used Cars business, but he says he prefers to check them out for himself. He's going to buy me one and told me to check out when i have the time to see if i can find one that i like. It's a very useful website for used car buyers as it has the Book Values by Kelley Blue Book that'll help me figure out if a used car i like is priced right. I better get that done soon or my kid wont go to school.

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