Thursday, August 30, 2007


I've got loads to do as MIL took her own sweet time playing with her new toy. I let her be since it's HER toy anyway. What you saw in the previous pic is only the top part of the machine. It's not even supposed to be placed this way. The water outlet hose is way too short and has to be extended. So, they just placed it in the middle of the wall leaving useless space on its right. The water inlet is leaking as it belonged to the old machine and they just screwed the old cap onto the machine and did not replace it with a new one. Surely the old washer (it's the rubber ring inside the cap that prevents water from seeping out) needs replacing, right.

The place is wet all the time and i told my MIL we're like living in a kampung. Wet and dirty everywhere. Shit... i hate wet areas. I'll snap a pic of it later and you'll know why i'm so damn tulan-ed when assholes come over to fix things without bring along their farking brains. And my MIL can live with shoddy work, niamah.

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