Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My friend is getting a complete makeover

Hubby suggest i stop blogging after this post as he really wants me to go with him to the bank. Earlier when he asked me, i told him he can take the kids with him and i dont mind it at all even if they come home late at night. Gives me plenty of time to finish all my posts, lol. But knowing him, he can never be able to handle both kids out without me, So, i'd better get right down to business and finish this post quickly.

I bought a new RED Wordpress T-shirt earlier and havent even worn it once. So, i took it out and tried it on. Gave me a shock. My chest look so big in that TEE!!! Just like i've had breast augmentation done, lol. But dont get alarmed, k. I ordered size S cos i'm skinny. My chest looks big in that Tee cos i'm still breastfeeding my little one and when i tried it on for size just now, Malcolm hasnt had his mid afternoon feed yet. It'll look better once i've given him his feed. or i'm not leaving the house looking like that, lol. All the men will be staring at me from across the street!!!

I guess i'm lucky as i'm still stick-thin even after two kids. Many of my friends are not so lucky. They have ballooned from a petite size 4 to a size 12. So, most of the time when we meet up for tea, they will rant and rant and rant about their figure. One of them told me her hubby has promised her that he'll take her to Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center later next month. He knows that Beverly Hills plastic surgery experts are the best in the whole world. Just take a good look at those Hollywood celebrities. All of them has had California liposuction done at least once in their career. I got to know he has fixed an appointment with a famous Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon to give my friend a complete makeover. Well, i really do hope she likes her new figure once she returns.

2 Responses: said...

That red t-shirt memang kerng hor?
I think it makes mine perkier too. LOL.

Simple American said...

Aren't you glad L B did not take your photo then? :)