Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My friend's son's addiction problem

My friend was complaining that her son is mixing with some bad crowds in the neighborhood. She saw them smoking joint one day and confronted her son if he's doing that or not. He denied it. My friend let him go. She regretted her action cos he soon got addicted and stole from her to feed his bad habit. She got fed up and checked him into a drug rehabs. He refused to go at first but gave in in the end cos he knoew it's for his own good.

She was refererred to a few Drug Rehabs but finally settled one that offers a program that doesnt use prescription drugs to treat addiction problems. She read a lot about drug rehabs before she decided on this drug rehab center. Her son was cooperative as he knew he had to get his life back on track. He came back a very different person. He's indeed very lucky to have such supportive and caring parents.

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