Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No gaigai no problem

A woman still gotta shop no matter how much she earns, right. But whether she earns or not also she will shop, lol. Someone just hadda pay for it. It's like a built-in mechanism in them that they shop shop shop shop shop all the time. Even if their legs ache from all the walking in their 3.5" heels, they will still go ahead with it if they hear of a great deal going on somewhere.

Now, another way to minimise the aches and pain is by surely by doing online shopping. Just let your finger click away and you can continue to buy buy buy non-stop. And online, there are more discounts and offers available than those malls you go to. We use discount coupons. So, since i wont be going out shopping for the whole of this month, online shopping is the only way i can satisfy my desire to buy buy buy. YESSS!!!!

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