Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sydney next??

My god ma is back from Sydney for a few months. She's another efnd person. Cant sit still at home. Told my mom she set up shop selling tong-sui and asked her to inform us to go support lah, what else. She may be staying all the way in Ipoh Garden, but she rented a shoplot very near where we live. So that we dont have any excuse not to drop by and say hi.

So, we did just that. Her tong sui is good. I'll blog about that in a different post. She says she'll be going back to Sydney in a couple of months time and invited us over for a vacation. If it's towards the end of the year, i've no problem with that. I dont like cold weather. She say we can all stay at her house. HARHHH??? With her son and DIL and two whiny kids???? Gimme a break lah. No better accommodation in Sydney ah?? Cheap hotels in Sydney also nevermind!!!

Anyway, i prefer hotels to staying with friends or relatives whenever i travel. I enjoy the freedom of going out and coming back without finding someone waiting at the door. There are lots of those last minutes Sydney Hotels deals online at So, there's always a nice room waiting for me out there. If i ever go to Sydney, i might as well go pay my friend who lives in Darling Harbour a visit.

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