Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Blogitive really loves me

Idont know why they love me so much. I have more than 40 offers and i can write till i die. No time leave this chair liao.... seii mouu?? But then, i must be sott to do so many capellas also. I'm going to reject some. I think by now, all my relatives and friends have already gone to capella for e-learning courses. No more left, lol.

Dont be envious of me cos writing for Blogitive as it is a 50-50 deal. It's tough cos you need 2 interims. So, go multiply the above number by three and you can imagine how much many posts i have to write in less than 48 hours.

On another hand, it's easy cos i dont have to rush. Nor do i have to go grab, write and submit in less than 5 minutes, publish another interim and go grab another. So, i cant complain nor should i rant about not having enough time. Gee... i'd better get going......... *recess over*

2 Responses:

Simple American said...

I wish I had more from Blogitive. But I had to redo my last one. I screwed up and copied some pics from the ad site and they said not to do that. Whoops! Hope removing those pics will satisfy them.

2crazydogs said...

I'm still waiting for an approval from Blogitive. Haih...wonder when....