Thursday, August 02, 2007

Setting a new shop

My cousin will be setting up a new store soon and came over to have a discussion with hubby. He asked us if we can take up the responsibility of helping him with the design work or not. Too bad, we're no longer in the interior design business. But then, we will definitely help in whatever way that we can.

We know for someone who has no experience in setting up a store before, this can be one of the most daunting task for him. We went about helping him with the layout as the flow of the business is very important. We cannot have customers jammed up inside the store due to a poor layout. We also helped him calculate and budget all his electronic equipments that needed to keep his store running smoothly.

My cousin cannot afford to buy those brand new POS equipment, so hubby suggested that commence his business with used pos equipment for a start. he told him to check out those ibm pos equipment that's available at Vision Pos and get one that fits his budget. We cant wait to see the store up and running. Wont be long.

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