Thursday, August 02, 2007

I want to be a heavy equipments operator when i grow up

Does your kid like watching Bob the Builder? Thank god mine doesnt. He doesnt know who the heck Bob the Builder is, anyway. I've never bought the VCDs for him. My neighbor's kid loves to watch Bob the Builder and would glue himself to the TV every evening after school.

There was once i was watching my kids playing in the garden when i overheard his mom asking him what he'll like to be when grows up. He says he want sot be a heavy equipment operator next time. I couldnt help but burst out in laughter. It's a surprise to hear that from a kid. Well, if he wants to be a heavy equipments operator, then he must attend Professional Heavy Equipments Training school.

Have you heard of NAHETS, The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools? Their mission is to approve and promote heavy equipment operator and crane operator training throughout the United States. Gee, i wonder what will my kid grow up to be one day. Well, he's still so small. Too young to tell.

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