Thursday, August 02, 2007

Get a good chair with back support

I've been sitting here in my chair for hours. And yet, there's no backache. Maybe it's because i have a better chair with good back support right now. Yeah... i bought it with my first Adsense cheque. Previously, my old chair slanted to one side cos Gordon toppled it over my Osim and the impact caused the seat to slant a few degrees.

It's okay if i sit in it for a short while. But then, as i sit for long hours every single night, i get backache. And it's terrible. Took a long time to go away. So, now, i'm feeling good all the time. No pain no gain? Bah.... this is the one pain i'm not going to bear with. I love my current chair. So big and comfy.

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Simple American said...

I wonder is I will ever get an Adsense check. Waiting. Waiting.