Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Out all day

Usual lah, what's new. The moment we all woke up this morning, hubby suggested we take Malcolm go gai gai after we send Gordon to school. He's really getting gaigai withdrawal symptoms cos i've been home for the past two weeks writing paidposts all day long. I'm still averaging 100+ per day as of time of writing. Not bad, huh, sit and crap day long also can earn $1.5k in less than 2 weeks. Not Rm, k.

So, i follow lerrr. Moreover, i still have to go to Celcom to check on why my knn new 3g connection still not working then. I signed up last Friday. 4 days no action sure tulan wan mah, hai mai. Told me i still have to wait so wait i must, niamah. Anyway, it's working now, HAPPY. Next target, 2k. If i can hit 3k by month end..... phooowwwaaaahhh..... song seii lerrrr.....

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Simple American said...

3k would be amazing. I keep missing tha darn $50 opps. Give me another chance man!!!