Friday, August 31, 2007

What's there to do in Sacramento?

My aunt told me my cousin will be graduating soon end of this Summer. So fast, it was just three years ago that we sent her to the airport to further her studies. Now, she's graduating. My aunt says she's be going over to Sacramento and asked if i want to go along with her. Naw, i dont think i can make it. But we'll definitely send her a big present.

I asked my aunt how is going to plan for her trip. She says she's planning it at It's a new travel website that delivers personalized recommendations for travel planning using advanced Web search technology. compiles reviews and opinions from across the web to deliver trustworthy recommendations to us.

She told me they are launching a private Beta in the Fall of 2007, and invited me to sign up for their private Beta waiting list. She's now searching for Sacramento Things to do there. If you are planning for your upcoming vacation. I suggest you sign up for their private beta launch too.

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