Saturday, September 01, 2007

Looking for a metal buildings specialist?

My uncle just got back from overseas and told us of his business expansion program. We congratulated him and asked him if he needs any help or not. He says that's the reason why he came over in the first place. He remembered i used to run my own interior design and construction firm and asked if i can help him out with his new factory's design process. I told him i may have been an interior designer, but commercial buildings are not my area of expertise. I'm more familiar with residential projects.

He wanted my opinion on Metal Buildings and if they are costly to construct or not. Though i'm not familiar with factory construction, but i know that Ace Metal Buildings are the experts when it comes to metal buildings construction. As they are the local manufacturer of Metal Buildings, many of my friends told me their pricing is one of the lowest around. moreover, they will even provide my uncle with 3 sets of Engineered Drawings for free too. He saves a lot on that alone. I may be able to help him out with the interior and office layout. As for the building, it's best left to Ace Metal Buildings.

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