Thursday, August 09, 2007

Who married a Los Angeles plastic surgeon?

I found another RED envelope on my desk when i got back from the bank this afternoon. I took it back with me back into the room and forgotten all about it. MIL popped in a while ago and asked me if i'll be attending the wedding dinner or not and i, "Huh??? What dinner? Who's getting married? How come no invitation card?" She gave me a glare and said it's the one i took from the office table, lol. See how observant and scary MILs can be. Still wanna live with one?

Anyway, i rummaged through my stuff and found the invitation card between my stack of credit card statements. See how forgetful i can be. I must be getting old, arent i? I have a feeling i am suffering from age-related-attention-deficit-disorder. I'll elaborate on that later. Right now, let's just focus on the just-found wedding invitation card first, ya. Or else, this post wont get published. Now, go on reading, ya.

I was wondering how come MIL was so anxious of whether will i be attending the dinner or not. Then i found out that her favorite niece is getting married. In fact, she told me her niece is marrying a los angeles plastic surgeon who has his own beverly hills plastic surgery clinic. MIL must be really proud of the fact that her niece is marrying a rich guy.

Oh, i've known Mabel for a long time. I took a closer look at the wedding picture she sent along with the invitation card and got a surprise. She's sporting a cleavage!!!! Damn!!! Marrying a plastic surgeon for a husband sure has its privileges. I must be looking at a los angeles breast augmentation. And she looked so happy in the picture. He must have done a really good job for Mabel. Geeee... i want a boob job too..... *bawls*

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Simple American said...

I'd say your forgetfulness comes from being a mother with two boys. Sure works for me or rather against me.