Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sorry, i dont understand....

I'm having a hard time with this Mrs. Wong thing. Now that my kid goes to school and nearly everyone in school knows my femes kid by his name, the moms now want to get to know his mother too. Dont ask me why. I dont care to know nor am i enthusiastic about meeting them. So, whenever they see me send him to or pick him up from school, they'll grin from ear to ear and, "Hello, Mrs. Wong, blah, blah, blah...." DOH.... I'm Samm, puhleeeze. What Mrs. Wong??? I've never used that term before. So, hoh, if you see me in the streets or what, it's either you greet me by my name, Samm, or risk me ignoring you altogether. Yeah, i'm lansi.... so? Cannot meh :p

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Simple American said...

My contacs are giving me problems. I thought you said you were having problem with Mrs. Wong's thighs? I had some suggestions. But I reread and now I have a clue.

Explain that Mrs. Wong is your MIL. Would that be a good response for ya?