Friday, September 28, 2007

Apply for a Platinum Credit Card

One of hubby's credit card expired and the bank sent his a letter asking him if he would like to renew it or not. I told hubby not to as the credit card he was using has a very high interest rate. That's the reason why he almost never use it. He says he only has two credit cards and if he discontinue with this, he will only be left with the other.

I told him he can easily get another from My cousin applied for one from them the other day and his application was approved very quickly. He received his credit card in the mail very quickly too. If i'm not wrong, he applied for the Flat Rate Platinum Credit Card with 11.9% APR. It's interest rate remains fixed for up to 5 years. It also offers up to 46 days interest free credit if balance is paid in full by the due date. Makes it one of the best credit cards to manage personal finance. Details to this credit card offered at this bank is accurate at date of publishing.

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